Superior Integrations

Leading the payments industry with unbeatable rates through strategic partnerships

Payments, Reporting, and Recording

Simplify your financial tasks with Billment’s seamless integration solutions in Payments, Reporting, and Recording. Let Billment handle the heavy lifting through strategic partnerships and automation. Enjoy effortless invoice sending, seamless payment reception, real-time transaction reporting, and easy payment recording—all designed to make your financial processes smoother and more efficient.

Collect Payments

Send invoices through Billment and collect payments from your customers with an easy link-to-pay invoice.

Transaction Reporting

Once an invoice has been paid, you can see live transactional data, funding events, and monthly statements in CardPointe (the payment gateway) to see payment details.

Record Payments

Once the invoice is paid, Billment will automatically mark the invoice as paid in QuickBooks Online so that your books are clean and up-to-date.

Card Payment Processor

About CardConnect

CardConnect, a trusted partner within the Fiserv family, stands as the cornerstone of Billment’s payment processing. Dedicated to propelling opportunities, they offer unparalleled support and resources to foster business growth. Experience reduced processing fees, fortified payment security, real-time reporting (via CardPointe), seamless reconciliation, next-day funding, and round-the-clock customer support. Our collaboration with CardConnect ensures not just transactions, but a dynamic partnership geared towards your business success.


About QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online has roughly 5.3 million users worldwide.  As a leading accounting software, QuickBooks empowers business owners to track income, expenses, and financial data effortlessly. Billment ensures seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, ensuring the precision and excellence of your accounting records.


ACH Processor

About Jack Henry

At the forefront of financial management, Jack Henry, offers top-tier solutions. Our integration elevates ACH payments, seamlessly incorporated into CardPointe for real-time transaction visibility in reporting.